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Table Talk

Table Talk is not your typical D&D, TTRPG podcast we aren't here to run you through our campaign. We're here to talk about everything else in the space of tabletop role-play gaming. Tune in to Table Talk every week, wherever you get your podcasts, for tips, tricks, and a healthy dose of rambling from your tabletop roleplay girlies.

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10 July 2024

Episode 52: Favoritism in Games

Hey fam! Join the Table Talk girlies as we talk about how to approach and handle favoritsm of players and characters in games. We wanted to share some helpful and healthy tips on how to talk to your table and DM's about creating a good collaborative story together and we hope you enjoy it!

Content Warning for very brief mentions of body horror at minute 26 until minute 26 and 20 seconds



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03 July 2024

Episode 51: A Golden Opportunity

Join the Table Talk girlies as they chat about all things related to the 50th anniversary release of the Dungeons & Dragons core books! We are so excited to see what is in store and can't wait to see what these new items will bring to the table!



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26 June 2024

Episode 50: Sweet Escape!

Welcome back for another incredible guest episode with Destiny Howell talking about the new adventure she wrote for Perils and Princesses and taking a fun detour down the rabbit trail of our stream of consciousness! Check out Destiny's website for all her upcoming projects!

CONTENT WARNING: In this weeks episode we talk about candy creations in dnd and characters becoming candy/food creations and what can be considered odd body horror, while it is food items being discussed in the context it can be kind of odd to some. Later we also talk about different insects and bugs to those that might be entomophobic.



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19 June 2024

Episode 49: Stories for your players

Hey table talk fans! This week it's your girlies talking about crafting a story with your players and their characters in mind for your next epic adventure! Let us know your thoughts and what plans you are hoping to make for the next table you are at on threads or instagram at @TableTalkRPG



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12 June 2024

Episode 48: Mysteries to Unravel

Hey hey table talk fans! This week we are joined by the amazing Andie Margolskee as we talk about creating games with good suspense and tools to make sure your players always get the info you've been dying to share with them!

You can find and follow Andie on most platforms as @margomodsgames and follow along on all the adventures that await!



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05 June 2024

Episode 47: Answers from our Table

Step up to our table for the first iteration of "Answers from our Table" where us girlies read and talk about your questions and give advice based on our experiences. While this can sometimes be a #ttrpgtherapy vibe, please take care of yourself and be mindful that some questions may be triggering given the nature of them.

To ask us your questions send us a DM on any of our socials or feel free to comment on our content! We can't wait to hear from y'all and chat it up!

CONTENT WARNING: There are topical mentions of SA in our last question of this weeks episode beginning at 00:42:06. Please remember to take care of your mental wellbeing and if you are unable to listen to the last question, we appreciate you for joining us and will talk to y'all next week!